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Sani-Tablet is a specially formulated product for portable and whirlpool foot baths that eliminates cross contaminations caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi. Sani-Tablet has passed AOAC spa disinfection and sanitation tests. In EPA approved lab tests, it effective against 99.99% of bacteria (Staphylococcus arueus) and athlete's foot fungus (Trichophyton mentagrophytes). Sani-Tablet protects both you and your clients. All it takes is one tablet dropped into the water before your client soaks his/her feet in the foot bath. Sani-Tablet significantly saves your time between clients.


To use this product, simply drop one Sani-Tablet in 6-8 gallons of foot spa water. Agitate to dissolve. Warm water is recommended for fast dissolving. Proceed with normal pedicure service.

Available Sizes

Carton of 100 ct tablet. Individual Pouch-Pack

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